fashion shoot with Ricoh

Recently I was on a fashion shoot with my friend who is a makeup artist, and during the breaks, I had the opportunity to try out 50 mm crop mode and positive film effect for skin tones and clothes.I’m pretty satisfied with the results that you get straight from the camera and think that Ricoh did a good job with those few presets that I have tried out till now.Skin looks a little bit polished and soft, but very natural.Few shots were 35mm crop and the ones that a closer are the ones in 50 mm crop mode.However, do not forget that choosing those two cropped modes decreases resolution and at the 50 mm crop you get 6 MB files…men in suits

men fashion

men in suits

men in suits

on street photography

Not so long ago I came across an interesting article about street photography.Although I don’t agree with every aspect of it, there are quite a few good points in it.Personally, I think photography is a very subjective form, at least to me, so as long as you have fun taking photos, anything else is less important.Life is to short anyway, so keep doing what makes you happy….Here is the link :  Is Street Photography Killing Itself?

street photography